The Impossible | Ashtanga Yoga Demo by Laruga Glaser
Mind Influence Attitude Inc 
                                                                                          501 (C)(3) non-profit organization
We're in this together

​Investing For Greater Impact and Support

Holistically Educating People for the Empowerment of the Family
MIND INFLUENCE ATTITUDE, INC. a (501(c)(3) organization

Mind Influence Attitude, Inc., a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization has in the past worked with such organizations as Junior Achievement, with emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship skills with high school students. Sponsored annual events with Clara House, a shelter for battered women & abused children with a purpose of creating a family atmosphere & environment by providing horseback riding, games, and food. Collaborated with a grass roots community organization promoting visual arts & crafts, face painting, and mask making. We have also provided shelter for homeless individuals throughout the years.

Families today are growing up in a world that’s rapidly changing. The global balance of power is shifting, new technologies are making the world a smaller place and economic uncertainty lingers in many communities across our city. With so much at stake and their futures on the line, communities and the families and individuals who live there deserve a partner willing to invest in them.

There are many challenges that will shape the lives of this generation and future generations of individuals especially children and young adults. Mind Influence Attitude, Inc. has a 2020-2025 strategic plan to progressively move forward to meet those challenges by investing holistically in our community through the promotion & expansion of the following programs:

Yoga Classes
Yoga reduces your risk of Memory Loss, Anxiety, Obesity, Cancer, Stroke, Heart Disease, Depression, Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, Upper Respiratory Infections, and excessive health care cost.

Mantu/Martial Art Classes
Promoting physical discipline practice, self-control under stressful situations such as Yoga, Tai Chi, & Aikido: Chakra in the art of Yoga, Chi in the art of Tai Chi and Ki in the art of Aikido are all energy sources of the body that help discipline mind, body & spirit as one.

SocialIzation For Special Needs Individuals
The mission of The B.C.A. is to provide meaningful and enjoyable activities to Young adults ages 16 - 26 with sensory and physical disabilities, their families and their caregivers. Some of the greatest challenges facing people with disabilities are loneliness and isolation.

CNO, Concerned Neighbors Organization is a program of Mind Influence Attitude, Inc. 
Its purpose is to target but not be limited to the Calumet Heights Community. Our goal is to unite our communities one block at a time for the purpose of educating and enlightening by way of documentary videos & live lectures pertaining to world history, history of the banking system & money.

Projects in Expansion & Development

1. Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship Education As a FDIC Money Smart Alliance Member, Mind Influence Attitude, Inc will use the Youth Financial Literacy format of workshops using a curriculum developed by the FDIC which is designed to promote financial understanding in young people and to also improve on English language arts, Mathematics and Social Studies, also making learning fun using financial literacy games.  (MSSB Money Smart Small Business Reference: Practical Money Skills)

2. Development of In-house Organic Urban Gardens & Farms to Encourage a Healthy Plant-Based Diet. (In-Development)
We would like your support! Your generous donation will help us continue to provide services and sponsorship to those who otherwise might not be able to participate in our programs.

​3. Soup Kitchen, Pantry & Gardens

In developing our urban garden & healthy eating program it was moved to another level when we partnered with Ridgeland Block Association, a community based organization & Old Ways African Heritage & Health, a program of Oldways Health Through Heritage.

Sharing with the community recipes for healthy eating through hands on cooking & demonstration. Pete's Produce, a local store provided the vegetables & spices for the program.

Recipes For Healthy Living