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Warren Jones Sensei is 7th DAN (Shihan) President and Director of Aikido United, and full member of The Alliance, an international martialarts organization under the direction of  Dr. James Thomas, has been a student and practitioner of the martial arts for over 40 years and has trained 
with many teachers in the United States and Japan. He was initiated into the martial arts by the late Rev. Dennis Perdue.  Jones Sensei is a 
former member of Birankai and student of Chiba Sensei.

Jones Sensei is also a direct student of the late Aikido Shihan Fumio Toyoda, with whom he trained for over 25 years. Jones Sensei has also received the mokuroku or scroll of kaiden (transmission complete) in jujitsu from the late M. Tanouye, with whom he studied jujitsu for over 20 years. 

Founder of BUSHINKAN DOJO:  See website for more information:    

Founder of   STAY N FIT

The native Chicagoan, graduated from Robert Morris University with a degree in Exercise and Nutrition. After graduation Ms Ambrose was hired 
 by Alliance Rehabilitation to direct Abbott Park Satellite Senior Center. Over five years of dedicated teaching active daily living to seniors has 
made Abbott Park Senior Satellite Center a certified Arthritis Foundation Sanctioned Site, awarding her exercise leader of the year in 2005 and 
2007  and to the present day.

Ms.  Ambrose has been referred to as the transformer, drill sergeant and the Punisher  driving others to nothing less than physical excellence 
and health. Ultimately this lead her to start her own company STAY N FIT.  Her company specializes in genres of fitness covering area such as 
body sculpting, high/low impact aerobic, cardio kick boxing, yoga, pilates and athletic sports training. 

Her hard work and example has produced numerous personal accomplishments in the fitness community ranking in multiple competitions such 
as fitness America 2000.  Fort Wayne,  Indiana best figure 2005, Miss Midwest (Missouri) 2006, North America IFBB Championship (International Federation of  body building) 2006, Chicago fitness extravaganza 2006. Continental USA figure Championship 2007 and NANBF (Natural 
federation body building and figure) 2009.  Ms Ambrose is a believer in practicing what you preach as well as being an advocate of healthy living.

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