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Youth Financial Literacy 
Ages 11 & up

Ready to give your brain a workout? Visa and the National Football League have teamed up to help teach financial concepts with Financial Football, a fast-paced, interactive game that engages students while teaching them money management skills. Teams compete by answering finance questions to earn yardage and score touchdowns.
Ages 7 – 12

Money Metropolis allows young children to navigate a multi-dimensional world, making life decisions that will affect whether their virtual bank accounts shrink or grow. Completing tasks like raking leaves, mowing lawns and babysitting adds money to their virtual accounts that can be saved or spent in the virtual store.
Ages 11 & up

Put your financial skills to the test with Visa’s World Cup-themed Financial Soccer multiple-choice question game. It tests players' knowledge of financial management skills as they advance down the field and try to score. Educators are encouraged to download the lesson modules and instruct students before game play begins.
Ages 8 – 15

Meet the challenges of four weeks on the road as you steer your way to financial stability. This game requires players to make decisions about income, expenses and savings. Players start with $1,000 cash and $0 savings. Don’t let your gas or insurance run out, or you’ll be stranded and the game will be over.
Ages 8 – 15

How prepared are you for retirement? Learn how saving decisions can impact your life playing Countdown to Retirement. In this virtual world you will start your first job, earn promotions and see your salary increase. You will also make housing and transportation decisions and the choices you make will impact your retirement.
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Financial Literacy Games
Grades 6 - 12

So you want to be in charge of Monetary Policy?
Think you have what it takes to run our country's central bank?
See if you can achieve full employment and low inflation as Chair of the Fed.
Learn how monetary policy works by taking charge of a simulated economy.
Grades 6 - 12

The Gen i Revolution consists of sixteen interactive missions in which students complete a variety of activities to help them learn important personal finance concepts. Within each mission, students are introduced to a character who is facing a particular financial crisis. As a part of the Gen i Revolution, the student learns about the crisis, strategically selects “Operatives”, and then completes activities with the ultimate goal of solving the mission.